Quick fix for IBS ?

Quick easy fix for IBS wanted.  Perhaps a handy little pill, that fixes the problem instantly and allows me to return to living a normal life (whatever that may be).

We have already written about our desire for a magic pill, however until such a day arrives we feel it our duty to write the truth.

There are some pills and potions which help (more of which next) however if you follow that route, the long term picture can be bleak.  The words of Einstein are never more apt than with dealing with IBS.


Masking pain and discomfort is a practice that we have indulged in heavily over the years.  Our understandable desire for a quick fix, and instantaneous pain relief has ensured that this is the case.  Sadly this has a large number of drawbacks.  Firstly when the body is in pain, or it is malfunctioning, it is telling you there is a problem.  Masking the issue does not fix the problem.  In fact the pain or problem gets far worse untreated.  

We have also seen over the years that long term use of many medications dramatically reduces their effectiveness over time, leaving you needing more and more.  Until you reach a point that there is never enough.

We recommend that while you may use pain, or symptom relief in moderation to begin with, that you always look to deal with the fundamental issues.  IBS can be generated by any number of issues, from stress, through diet and beyond.  It usually requires you working your way through each issue before you get to where you wish to be.

The writers at IBS-Health.com are all sufferers and we all dream of a day when we can be simply and instantly fixed.  We have all been doubled over in pain, desperate for any form of relief.  Relief that we want now, quick effective relief now, so we understand the frustration many of you may feel reading this.

The real truth is that facing up to your IBS issues represents the only lasting way to regain control of your life.  We have hundred of articles on this site to help you do so.  Those who have the bravery and courage to face  down their IBS will be rewarded.  It is rarely easy or quick, but it is rewarding in the long term.

Being sufferers ourselves we have included a piece about short term relief as we are not suggesting for one second that you are left in crippling pain, what we are suggesting is that you do not see any short term medication as the answer, treated in that way the following can be useful.     Click here for short term fixes…..