Staying Strong

IBS can be tremendous burden in life.  It is misunderstood, hard to talk about and often very painful.  In that light the following pages could seem a touch flippant, however that is not their raison d’etre.

Our ability to deal with any challenge or condition is predicated by our personal strength and spirit.  If we fall into spirals of stress and depression than the likelihood  of us overcoming those challenges diminishes.  This is possibly one the greatest challenges for a long term sufferer.  IBS is a day in day out condition, irritable bowel syndrome does not take days off.


Winston Churchill once said, ‘when you are going through hell, just keep going’.  That’s how we view this portion of the site, we are not diminishing or understating what many of us go through.  We are simply saying that while we understand those trials, for our own sake we must keep on going.

There are a couple of articles which may seem odd, for example we rate toilets and bathrooms. That is simply an acknowledgement that us IBS sufferers will have a greater working knowledge of bathrooms than any other inhabitant of this earth.  We spend, or have spent so much time there, we may as well do so in comfort.

Nothing in the website is meant in a mocking tone, everything is here to hopefully help and enlighten.  In some ways these pages are the most important.  Life is full of stories of human spirit overcoming adversity and it is time for you to write your own tale, of how you overcame your IBS, you own personal Everest.

(Please notice we use Staying Strong, not Live Strong - that’s been somewhat tainted!)

Staying Strong withIBS - Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Staying Strong