Nothing works for me

Nothing ever works for me

Many IBS treatments have very high success rates.  Take the Low FODMAP diet for example, in trials the success rate has been 75% and upwards.

That is a wonderful rate for an IBS treatment, however what if you are one of the 25% for whom it does not work ?  What if that is consistently the case ?

Peppermint oil is another great example of this, a product with great results and many happy users, however for some it can actually exacerbate their symptoms.  So what do you do if you are perpetually let down by products, diets and treatments


We always return to the fact that being a syndrome IBS encompasses a plethora of symptoms, linked together by digestive dysfunction.  Many sufferers have severe symptoms which are somewhat unfairly lumped together with IBS.  As a result you will often hear that products and treatments work for the majority who have milder symptoms leaving you in the cold.

For severe sufferers, the task is much harder as you are so often on your own, but do not lose heart.    One of the best things to do is acknowledge that you are unique and will require more specialised treatment.  Do not become despondent when the latest miracle cure works for others but not you, there are ways to get there.

For any severe sufferer the reality is that you will have to step back and deal with a number of issues to improve your condition.We will be suggesting a program shortly, however you will need to look at diet, lifestyle, health and psychological factors.  Long term severe IBS can be like living in a deep hole.  Getting out of that will take time, but it is a truly glorious feeling when you get out of the hole and see the light.

We know that you can get there, as we have done so ourselves.  We tried everything, and it all failed.  None of the wonder cures and products worked for us, however through persistence we found a way and so can you.  Long term sufferers can benefit from the formation of a plan of attack, and keeping notes.  This will assist you in making correct decisions about what works and what does not.  It will also help you to deal with MD’s, and Gastros, by providing them with the information they need.

We write this for those fed up of Low FODMAP diets, peppermint oils and such.  You are not alone, nearly a quarter of all sufferers do not benefit from these, however that does not mean that you are helpless, there is much that you can do.

Nothing still works for me