Long Term IBS

IBS can commence the moment we are born, or appear as we get older.  Statistically speaking the condition is most associated with women once they reach their thirties.

For those of us that have lived with it for years the likelihood of a cure is diminished.  That is not to say that it is not possible, many people have stumbled across the source of their IBS, however they remain in the minority at present.

Keeping a lid on

For most long term sufferers sadly the key issue will be controlling the condition as opposed to fixing it. We would imagine that most long term sufferers would by now have undergone all the painful and often embarrassing procedures associated with IBS, without success.

Once we reach that point we are at a clear juncture, which makes the following easier to follow.

Sucking Eggs

By now most sufferers will  also have  a good idea about their own body and the trigger foods.  We do recommend that you never lose sight of your diet and do review it.  If you have not tried the FODMAP diet then now could be the time.

We are also sure that by now you will have been made aware of all the auxiliary causes of IBS such as stress, again though we do recommend that you do review that situation.  Stress is something that has a tendency to creep back. You may initially deal with the cause of your stress, however life is hard and taking stock occasionally will not hurt.

The Mind Plays Tricks

Hopefully, throughout the site there will be bits which are of use, we have tried to put as much information as possible on the site, to give sufferers the best chance of success.  As we repetitively say, there is no one correct way, it is about finding the right path for you.

It took me over twenty years to find my path, it was the catalyst for this website, to try and help others find the information they need faster.  I hate the thought of others losing the quality of their lives through IBS. We have one go on this planet, every second counts.

Therefore for long term sufferers, we have included a lot of psychological information and links.  Over the course of years long term sufferers become conditioned by IBS.  They will avoid things, places and situations which cause anxiety and in doing so reduce the quality of life.

For me the big loss was musical concerts and sports.  Basically any situation with large numbers and a possibility of few/no/disgusting bathrooms.   That may not bother some but for me it was a huge loss, as I love those things, since gaining control I now do those things regularly (last night in fact) and it was wonderful.  It has taken me years, but I am trying to make up for the time lost, we urge you to do the same if IBS is controlling you.


Once you have found the right dietary path and you have addressed your lifestyle your IBS should really improve. It is at that point that the psychology comes into the fore.  It takes time to rebuild confidence after a life of IBS control.  

It becomes very hard to ascertain whether you actually need the bathroom, or whether you are simply anxious.  This is a period where, calm and rational thinking come into play.  This takes time, however you choose to find relaxation it will take practise.  Meditation and hypnotherapy can work if you are that way inclined, as can psychotherapy.

If you spend a whole lifetime with a digestive system that you can not trust, you will not get over it quickly, so please do not give up, but do try and focus on learning the difference between your own anxiety, and a physical need.  We have much more in our psychology section and in the resource section, which we urge you to try.

A Warning

Long term sufferers have a tendency to get desperate a times, and to throw their money and hope at supposed quick fixes.  We do not blame you at all, and indeed one of them may work.  That said through personal experience we can confirm that money bears no relationship to the success of the product.  Expensive does not mean better at all, whilst you will have to pay for good quality friendly bacteria, do not be tricked into buying products which offer the world.

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