Introduction to Stress

A well known cause of IBS is stress.  If you already suffer from IBS, stress will ensure that it flares up. Stress has become a much talked about topic.  We know more and more about what it is, and what it can cause, however we seem to know very little about actually correcting it.

Most stress related issues derive from situations that are largely unavoidable such as work.  It is not realistic to stop working, despite the fact it would alleviate the stress.  Family and relationships can weigh heavily on us to, again these can be equally difficult to eradicate (we do not suggest you eradicate your family!).

For IBS sufferers, additional issues derive from the methods with which modern society deals with stress.  Alcohol, caffeine, prescription medication and sleep deprivation all do tremendous harm to our digestive systems.  If you have a sensitive system in the first place, stress will add an extra layer of harm to our already struggling digestion.

Managing Stress

It is very difficult to eradicate stress, however your aim should be to manage it as best you can.  There are many wonderful guides to stress management, we particularly recommend the ‘Stress Management for Dummies Guide’. While there are so many available, but most often miss the point or lack practical, common sense solutions.

The assistance in this book is invaluable.  Learning when to say no, and when to shut off is invaluable. The often cliched ‘you time’ is vital, turning the phone off and concentrating on the things that make you happy helps clear the mind.

Stress and IBS

For most of us, stress is felt in the gut, the horrible twisted/butterflies sensation of pressure and concern. Developing techniques to deal with that specifically are actually quite simple.  Hypnosis is a practice which provokes delight and disdain in equal measure, primarily as it invokes the image of a stage show.  Hypnosis has been used to aid IBS sufferers and in this particular case ‘self hypnosis’ can work.

Self hypnosis, is a not a mystical technique, it would be far better described as a deep sense of relaxation, reaching a point of complete calm and focus.  Clicking on this link will take you to a guide on how to achieve this deep relaxation, it is completely understood that this is not for all.  If you feel hypnosis is not for you then there are other ways for those click here.

What works for you?

The whole aim of tackling stress is to find what works for you.  Anything you undertake, must be something you totally believe and trust in.  Taking stress on is a primary goal of any attempt to tackle IBS, stress is a huge part of our lives and massive cause of IBS.

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