Red meat ?  As touched on above, red meat will not directly effect your IBS.  Like substances such as egg, it is simply quite difficult to digest successfully and best avoided at the early stages and re-introduced once you are confident it will be ok.  Many sufferers find that they are simply better off without red  that will be down to personal choice and experience,






Wheat ?  If you can try to begin your diet without wheat, it will help to ascertain whether you have any issues with gluten, a notoriously hard to digest substance.  Wheat itself is unlikely to cause a direct problem with IBS in particular.   Gluten intolerance generally manifests itself in other ways, such as lethargy.  Thus taking out of your diet for a short period will simply help to ascertain if you feel better without it.

Vegetables and Fruit

Salad Leaves





Initially fruit (includes tomatoes) should be avoided.  In dietary terms this is dreadful advice, and we strongly urge that you take a supplement in the short term.  Sadly, however good fruit is for us, some can simply not digest it.  Oranges and citric fruit and regularly found to be the worst offenders for people with poor digestions.

Most vegetables are OK, the above lists the safest.  Vegetables will provide controlled levels of fibre, vitamins and minerals.  They are vital in maintaining a healthy balance in a restricted diet that lacks the variety we usually need.

The following represents the very best foods to stick to when starting out at the first stage of a restricted diet to find out which foods are the ones creating problems for your IBS.  Please do note that these are merely a starting point, and in no way represent a diet which should be strictly adhered to.

The foods listed have been chosen as they are all easy to digest, and are the least likely to give you an issue.   Red meats for example, may not create a problem in themselves, however they are incredibly hard for the stomach to breakdown, and at this early stage, it is key to reduce the pressure on the digestive system.

There may be foods listed which you have had a poor personal experience with, feel free to eliminate them too, for this short period. It is highly recommended that all suggested foods are of the low fat variety.


The above listed of highly restricted foods, clearly needs something to  liven things up.  We recommend that most sauces are ok with the above foods if eaten in moderation.  The list above would drive any follower to distraction without the addition of some extra flavors.

Most herbs and spices are OK, peppers and chili’s need to be eaten in moderation.  The analogy stated earlier in the site holds true when thinking about what spices and herbs would be OK.  Ask yourself the basic question would I rub that into a wound.  For a short while the stomach needs to be thought of in those terms.  By taking the restricted diet route, you are allowing your stomach a chance to heal, while simultaneously discovering what foods are giving you which problems.

During this period this must be the focus and in the mind.  In the same way that you focus when dieting to loose weight.

IBS Friendly Food

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