Due to the nature of IBS, severe sufferers may suffer from Avoidant Personality Disorder, which is best described as a defense against the social anxiety attacks.  In Avoidant Personality Disorder, the person maintains a systematic avoidance of social contacts and any situation which might result in embarrassment or anxiety. Even with people who are close, he or she avoids a more intimate involvement.

The permanent expectations of being ridiculed, criticized, rejected puts the person constantly at the borderline of suffering anxiety attacks. Then he develops a permanent scheme of self-protection against anxiety.

Some signs and symptoms are found in these people. Sometimes the symptoms predominate and the disorder goes unnoticed by the majority of people with whom the bearer has contact (because symptoms are subjective).

In Avoidant Personality Disorder, beside the behaviors and attitudes described, we can see that the person has given up altogether on facing situations that generate fear and does not undergo anxiety attacks simply because they avoid any anxiety-generating situation that is possible. Additionally, they do everything possible not to be noticed.

Taken from:  http://www.social-anxiety-shyness-info.com/art/sad/a-11-avoidant-personality.htm

If you recognize any of the above symptoms, we recommend you visit the sites below, who offer support and guidance for sufferers.  Anxiety, shame, embarrassment are all common themes when dealing with IBS sufferers. The manifestation of these psychological issues may vary, however self enforced social exclusion may take place where the symptoms of IBS have become ingrained into the psyche.

This is IBS at quite a profound and prolonged level.  To reach the state of avoidance, years of negative reinforcement will have occurred and there is a need for professional help and support.  This state of mind happens over a course of many years and can happen gradually, in a way which leaves you unaware that you are doing it.

The net effect of APD, is the loss of social activity.  This is a huge price to pay, given that social activity is at the very heart of a happy, healthy life.  If any of the above behavior patterns are recognizable, the we urge you to check out the websites below .



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