‘Hypnotherapy is used for a wide variety of behaviors or habits. It is being hypnotized to alter a behavior such as smoking or losing weight.

A session will usually last an hour and depending on the behavior you are treating will depend on how many treatments you need.

Many people are wary of hypnotherapy and some swear by it. It's a matter of personal choice. Hypnotherapists are certified in their field and many are medical doctors or nurses already.’

When you think of hypnotherapy, what images do you conjure up ?

For most hypnotherapy will produce images of stage shows and comedy.  It will also be open to a degree of cynicism, it often looks like those shows are fixed, rather than  natural.  

Whatever your thoughts on the subject it would be fair to say that there are a number of misconceptions.  Having received Hypnotherapy for IBS, I felt it time to offer a more rounded view of the practice.

Open Minded

Before even contemplating Hypnotherapy it would be fair to ask yourself if you were willing to truly give it a chance.  If you enter with the attitude that it is a bunch of nonsense then you will get nothing out of it. Can you allow yourself to evaluate it without prejudice ? We at IBS-Health live and die by ‘common sense’ rule, and always recommend that you run any treatment by that maxim.

What Happens ?

This will vary for each practitioner, however the basic  thrust of the session was empowering the sufferer to overcome their symptoms.  This was achieved by teaching a process of ‘self hypnosis’ to allow the sufferer to calm down when stressed.

There was no swinging pocket watch, there was no ‘go to sleep’, instead it was a very practical and sensible way of focusing the mind and allowing the sufferer to find a way to reduce the anxiety which for most IBS sufferers is felt most keenly in the stomach.

The focus was on training yourself to quickly overcome that ‘anxious’ feeling which often ends in the need to use the bathroom.  If you are a long term sufferer and over the years you have become ‘conditioned’ to become anxious in certain scenarios then it can be a great way to tackle the issue.  The process will involve you visualising a happy/calm place which is certainly not a wild or wonderful way of achieving that goal.


As always this is a treatment that may or may not work for you, it really is one of those areas that splits people down the middle.  Sadly the TV and stage show images tend to prejudice us against hypnotherapy as a valid treatment.

A good Hypnotherapist is unlikely to do anything other than treat your anxiety.  This process takes time and a bit of patience on your behalf, however we do feel for long term sufferers in particular it is worth a shot.

No Guarantee

Be cautious of excessive claims by some hypnotherapists, whilst we believe that this form of treatment can definitely work for some it is certainly no miracle cure for everyone.

Sadly in this sales driven society many professionals go over the top in their quests for business, so do bear that in mind.  

Also keep in mind that if you are a long term sufferer who over the years has developed behaviour patterns which have been conditioned by your IBS, this could be great way for you to break out of those routines.

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Hypnotherapy for IBS - Irritable Bowel Syndrome