Not fair

Brown Rice and Quinoa are two wonderful foods.  They are low GI, full of great nutrition and quinoa in particular has protein as well, which is great for vegetarians.  Quinoa is packed full  of fibre which again is great for some and not for others, if you have tried and failed with quinoa that is the most likely reason for its swift passage through your digestive system.

Brown rice may not be as severe, but it can effect some sufferers quite badly.  Foods such as Squash are also rich in fibre and may also transit rather rapidly through the digestive system of certain types of sufferers.

Our advice is always to eat these foods if you can, they are natural and very good for you.  However, you must apply common sense, if they are causing you distress.  It is simply a fibre issue which is effecting your IBS.  If this is the case we do recommend that you look at controlled fibre sources such as Pysallium Husk which does not seem to have such a dramatic effect.  If you have the means it would be worth seeing a professional dietician as some forms of IBS can lead to heavily restricted diets which may lack the correct nutrition if you do not seek the right advice.

Quinoa, Brown Rice and Others?

While discussing fibre we will have covered the fact that many of the foods which are generally good for a normal diet will not work for IBS sufferers.

To that end we thought we would draw to your attention some specific example which may cause some sufferers with high motility issues a great deal of concern.

We highlight these specifically, as they are so good and healthy that it is hard to find fault with them in any way, however they will not agree with some sufferers no matter how much we want them to.


But why are they bad for you ?