Fighting the Myths

Does the public understand IBS ?

Until last year we blogged regularly on Wordpress.  That came to a halt after an encounter with a particularly ignorant and ill informed blogger who wrote an ‘amusing’ piece about our blog, because IBS was the topic.

The attitude we encountered was that IBS  was just gas, and that we should get over it.  A similar attitude was revealed on a US comedy show, when a line about ‘surviving’ IBS was trotted out rather disappointingly.

While we are not sensitive types, we lose our humour about these snipes, as they are unjust.  As an IBS sufferer you have no real voice, who would listen ?

Walk in our shoes

The frustration of this situation is bought home when we witness non-sufferers endure a ‘tummy ache’ or a mild bout of diarrhea. You would think that the world had ended.  Many IBS sufferers, have those symptoms every single day, and we receive little or no sympathy.

Please do not mistake this for a victimisation cry.  Far from it, we take great pride in the fact that we get up and get on with our lives.  What we find very hard to take is simply  the injustice of the situation, for the aforementioned reason.

Until you find a way of managing IBS, you have symptoms can be unbearable. Those who have not experienced IBS would not enjoy the cramps, the runs, the bloating, the pain, the discomfort, it goes on and on.  Then you have the restrictions, the alterations to your life, the changes of routine and often depression.

It is really difficult to laugh about this, or the fact the many think that IBS is something that only happens to ladies over 30, and its main symptom is gas.  We ask those who make fun of IBS, and those who give it short shrift to walk a mile in your shoes, it may just be the revelation that shuts them up….Hopefully.