Short Term Fixes

Short Term IBS Fixes

As we stated on our warning article we do not believe that short term fixes offer any benefit for those serious about tackling IBS.

We do however acknowledge that as sufferers, we have experienced the pain and discomfort of IBS, thus feel it churlish not to recommend anything at all for the times when you just want the pain to stop.

It is impossible to state which of the below items would suit you best, however we do recommend that you read the reviews to see if the products match your symptoms.

Customer Reviews

As we state throughout the website, IBS symptoms can be unique to you, so we have chosen not to simply recommend our personal favourite products.  We have instead opted to share the best reviewed products from and

By and large they can be trusted as independent reviews and in many cases they have been tried by hundreds of sufferers.  The products can be seen below, however we have to once again state that these products are not the long term answer to your problems.

We recommend that you look at options such as the low FODMAP diet (click here for link), which can provide a long term and lasting way for you to manage your IBS.  It does not work for all, however it is a great place to start.  Elimination diets, stress management, and therapy are just some of the lasting ways to deal with your IBS, so please do not get hooked by the short term fixes that are offered by some of the products below.  They are only here because we know the discomfort of IBS only too well, and we know there are times that you just want help! Clicking on the links will take you straight through to  Amazon.